Where do you see yourself etc.

To put it simply, the future is my main focus for this week and it seems to be something that everyone struggles with. We’re all trying to be something, to create someone and be recognised or rewarded for doing so. Why then does it seem so unsatisfying when we fail or lose hope of even being able to achieve any of this?

Being totally honest most of the above are happening right now, as you can see I’m trying to achieve something, to create a blog and gather followers, spread the word. This so far hasn’t been the greatest success but then that doesn’t mean I’ve failed (just yet). Looking at this from a more positive angle, I haven’t exactly put maximum effort in so it’s pretty straightforward that I’ll never get the maximum out.

Swiftly plodding on… to more personal matters. Firstly if I was tasked with the question where would you see yourself in say 5 years? Depending on the scenario I would probably answer this question a little differently, because let’s face it, it’s maybe one of the top ten job interview questions and well I’d definitely just bullshit or be more serious in the way that I handled answering this question in that situation. However my honest and initial answer like every other human being would be either: ‘I don’t know’, promptly after which I would try to think of something totally inventive and unique to say… ooorr it would be that I’ll be successful have money, a respectable car, possibly a house, some one to cuddle up next to at the end of the day. With the second generic answer, this kind of implies that in 5 years, to put it bluntly ‘I’ll have my shit together’ which we can all kind of say but probably and most definitely will never be true, because as a fellow person I can confirm that we will never, EVER, be satisfied. True story.

At this point I’m guessing that you’re wondering what my actual, thought out and more honest answer will be (if not I’m going to witter on about it anyway).

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would hope that personally I know who I am and don’t need others to hold me because at the moment I am maybe a little reliant on others to make me feel better. Slowly I am getting to this point already, partly due to the fact that now I know how my thoughts and emotions work, what partially causes me to go into a state of anxiety and then how to pick myself back up afterwards. Being a creative person and having urges to just do something contructive is probably what sets it off, yes I said it I’m a do-er *one person silently giggles*. University and studying didn’t help this because let’s face it I was sat there listening, being told how things were done, which yes is important I’m not saying it isn’t. Although to me that’s just so boring and it got to me so I made the decision to quit which was also pretty tough because I have definetely never given up without a fight before. But now even though my job isn’t the world’s greatest it allows me to actually do something constructive and interact with what seem to be real people, which is kind of where learning bores me, it’s all what if this, theoretically that… when in actual fact in reality this is far from being the truth.

Back to the original question in 5 years, I (hopefully) would be able to understand myself whilst also learning new things that I never knew I would be able to achieve or feel. More specifically, socially I would like to think that I was surrounded by people who value me as a person and then I am able to feel the same towards them. Individuals who mock you and really don’t care after the event are the worst, it does consequently work both ways but having someone you can rely upon when you’re feeling low is so humbling and is defintely a #LifeGoal. Job security, work-life balance and challenges are all things which time and time again are mentioned when it comes to career choices, so if you’re bored of all that please skip this paragraph now! Yes I would love it if I found that ‘dream’ job role which would give me great rewards and more freedom, but honestly that is so difficult to even find it almost feels wrong trying. However instead of finding one job and having one career path in mind, at the moment and in the future I hope that I’m able to take on multiple roles (not all at once, silly). A little optimist I know, still why shouldn’t I be, after all no one else is going to tell me that I want a career change or tell me that what I’m doing just isn’t feeling quite right.

In summary variety, change and similarities are all going to happen at some point in the future all that I can be is positive that my forthcoming will be exactly what I make it. And I’ll have to just fucking accept it, or of course change it (it’s not quitting I promise!)

That would be my answer to the age old question, it’s probably not the most informative, neither is it that different to many others, however at least I tried! On the bright side at least my horoscope for this week is looking good (for all those Gemini’s out there)






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