Weekend ‘In’

Last thing Sunday evening and I feel as though once again the weekend has passed me by with little substance or meaning, not even enough to at least get my brain working on an idea or something new and exciting. On a more positive thought not every living moment has to be filled with excitement and brain puzzles to last all afternoon, if I was to focus on what did happen this weekend it might actually give me more closure and seem as though events did actually occur and that I didn’t spend every moment pondering how to fill the next sudden pause.

This is what I shall do, looking from a different angle, another perspective after all life is just a point of view and it’s how you sell it that makes all the difference. For instance I could have sat in all day Saturday with barely anything to do but drink tea and twiddle my thumbs over the daily paper watching as others ‘enjoyed’ themselves. But in actual fact what if I said that I had some down time to think about the future, be creative and spend time with family, now doesn’t that sound more appealing already? OK I might get a couple of ‘ha gaaaay’ comments from some people stood in the corner, notice I said in the corner there’s a reason you’re stood there. On the other hand that really doesn’t matter what I did was make the most of the time that I had even if this did mean that I did nothing but breath and stare into space the whole time, as I’ve mentioned before who actually cares? What are they looking at?

A happening that did really touch me this weekend (not physically) was my Nan’s 70th birthday, OK the actual physical event wasn’t all that unique it was a family meal and as you do we all gathered, sat at a table, made comments like ‘How’s the job?’ to start the whole thing off but it did actually go somewhere (in the end). This is the first year I’ve properly gone out, bought her a present and it was filled with thought and everything (proud growing up moment). It was so good to see someone so happy after all the anxiety and tough battles she’s faced throughout her life, not that this is some X Factor style sob-story, but she genuinely loved what I got her and was almost pushed to tears gladly she held it together so we avoided the big commotion where I imagine everyone would stare. Even if there was a small tear, let them stare.

Honestly though it actually was pretty emotional looking back, I’m glad that eventually I came to my senses wasn’t so stingy and bought her something with meaning. All I have to do now is top that with a half decent Christmas gift and I’m the worlds number one Grandson. Way to go Liam *rolls eyes*.

To sum this all up, try viewing life from alternative points of view, challenge the way you think. Asking yourself why that was the first thing that came in to your head, I guess if you read between the lines what I’m saying is be you and be diffferent whilst doing it, someone will follow you (eventually).


Liam OUT!


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