Chocolate Biscuit Sharing

Shall we begin? No wait let me just have one more chocolate digestive and we’re good, probably not the best example to set but I kind of feel as though I ‘need’ one… like right now.

And so we can begin. *crams last tea dipped finger size bite of biscuit into mouth*

First of all I would like to say a big hello to December because apparently it’s almost Christmas, not that I haven’t opened about 4 doors of my advent already. Honestly though it was great when I was about six and you can quite easily ask for every toy advertised on the kids channel but now it can be so awkward trying to find something decent and avoid getting socks and deodorant on Christmas day. But in actual fact in this post I’m not planning on ripping apart the big day and overthinking the whole ‘meaning of Christmas’ all that I will say is that it is definitely not religious anymore, more than Easter is about the resurrection and not getting a dozen chocolate eggs to keep you going throughout exam period. It’s sad but to me it’s more about the fact that the government, businesses and pretty much everyone acknowledges the idea of family, having time off and celebrating with each other. Along with the other subtle messages like ‘keep warm for the winter and eat a GOOD box of chocolates’ then there’s ‘lets play a game I’ll pull this end of the party hat/ worthless junk filled ‘toy’, you pull the other whoever wins gets to tell the joke written by scrooge himself whilst attempting to act out A Christmas Carol with charades’. Literally you could not even dream this stuff up but still the thought that this is embraced by everyone and we can all have a good time together is great.

On the other hand I do also have morals and think that giving something to those who don’t have anything is a sound idea. As always it is difficult to decide which charity or individuals to give to, do I help the homeless? Should I support orphans? Or is there a way I can better those less fortunate in developing countries? I guess you just have to go with your heart and say this year for example, I feel as though I was really struck by the seer amount of homeless people sleeping on the streets and think that they should be given a chance to build themselves into society and live a little more luxuriously even if that does mean that they’ll be having a Christmas sandwich on the 25th.

That is how I view Christmas, giving what you can to help out others and not being so frigid thinking that others will do it for you. They won’t!

Continuing the subject of giving and peoples ‘needs’, what if I was to ask how much is it that we actually need in our lives?  (Apologies if this becomes a little too much economics) Speaking in monetary terms is it £100 a month, £10 a day, £7.20 an hour? Something I read alarmed me recently and that was that there’s only a certain quantity that actually we need, after this ceiling we are no longer made happy by what we’re consuming instead I imagine it tends to go the other way. This is why individuals like J K Rowling are so inspiring giving so much in order for others to even have a chance of being on a level where they can support and project themselves as an inspired and self -content individual. Don’t hold me to this but I’m sure I saw somewhere (yes I do a lot of reading mostly the Metro newspaper) that she could be a billionaire but instead decides to donate by giving to those lower down in the society created hierarchy, sadly I’m not close enough to that bottom. Most definitely not taking away from the fact that this makes her a truly selfless person.

To give a little closure to this topic, my subtle but very prominent message would be to give what you can and have a deserving rest with the fattest selection of chocolates man could possibly create this Christmas – sharing some of course!

Ho. Ho. Ho.


Liam OUT!


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