Money Motivates

First thought: What if I said you haven’t seen all of me? What if I never tried to meet my full potential? Paranoid? Scared? Gripped? Or just confused by the constant self assessment?

Truthfully we walk past rare cases of preserved, held back shells of talent every day. Some of us just have that fire to keep going and give our all to as much as we can. Alternatively there are others who have ‘failed’ in the system, feel cheated and maybe even left without an asset to their name. How are they supposed to project themselves and achieve some of the minor things each of us carry out each day?

Sure it gives me anxiety thinking ‘what if I am never hugely successful in whatever I do?’ but doesn’t everyone fear that they will struggle to make something of themselves. Nevertheless if you were to actually ask yourself deep within us what it is that defines these morals, it could be a number of things, pushy parents, social created pressure or perceived personal contentment. If anything it should be the latter, wanting to be and to move forward with your own life in order to feel as though you have motivated others to do so in the process sounds positive to me!

On the subject of potential though I guess quality is better than quantity, after all if I was to have a number of jobs that each lasted a month and I never fully felt content with any of them then there was no quality. On the other hand it might just be that one thing that I’m good at, it might not pay the most, it may never be the best job in others eyes but at least you were able to enjoy it, and it kept you from feeling unhappy and lacking fulfillment. To me that seems obvious but actually getting this through to your brain and instincts is sometimes a little more difficult than you can imagine, after all the majority are likely to choose the career path that pays more.

In blatant terms money motivates.

Changing this and altering others thoughts that’s how we grow and adjust society. Maybe then we wouldn’t see huge numbers motivation lacking and worry ridden?


Liam OUT!





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