S.A.D. (ness)

Three words… I love you? Merry Christmas everyone? … What about: seasonal affective disorder?

Firstly a little background as this wasn’t something I’d heard about fully until earlier this year so I’m sure there will be some confused looks if this is completely new to you or just want a quick refresh. Here we go:

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD as defined by Mind.org.uk  is a form of depression that is influenced by the change in season and usually occurs as a reaction to change in the weather system or seasonal occurrences. In other words cold weather, dark days and lack of sunlight can actually affect your mental health of course this does also work in reverse whereby summer months have the same impact. Less common but still as ever a big deal.

Hopefully that rids a few lost looks *prays* *quickly checks Mind link*.

Now for the main event: What I am most definitely trying to imply here is that yes it is a week until Christmas, just in case you may not have noticed or forgotten to open all the doors on your advent calendar up until this point. A which point I would like to say to you, I envy you, think of all the little mouthful size chocolates you have to indulge in! Moving away from the chocolate fueled thoughts… Honestly, now take a step back, look around and notice whether there is the chance that anyone you know, have ever known or haven’t spoken to in a while is likely to be alone, feeling low or just needs someone to talk to. Don’t worry I’m not asking you to call up your ex asking if they’re feeling SAD because the obvious answer or so I would like to think would be that yes, yes they are sad, you’re no longer in their life to make them feel less so. Bitter much?

SAD or not SAD? No good person really deserves to be alone especially on the 25th, so I guess you could drop them a text, send them a slightly delayed Christmas card or just make sure that they’re OK. However if that person is after reading the Mind link above, actually SAD it may be best to a) ensure they have the best Christmas ever and b) consult Mind either through the website or giving them a call.

No one will laugh. At least no decent human being anyway.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, who am I kidding there’s no way I’ll be able to put down that box of chocolates for even a second, so enjoy!

Help is only a not-so-complicated diagram away!

Liam OUT!

Other helpful links (order of positive-ness)


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