The 25th of December

The mood is right, the spirits up, we’re here tonight… and that’s enough.

Apparently or so I’m told by the display of Christmas trees, playing of songs and rush of shoppers it’s Christmas! But I’m sure this is just a sign of age and the fact that work has killed any chances I have of feeling festive. Forget about that bitter feeling though and I guess like many others I’ll be embracing Christmas with every last mince pie and chocolate assortment I can get my filthy little hands on. He says in a naive tone.

Yes Christmas is definitely, for me anyway, mostly about the food and how you’ll have at least one box of chocolates that you’ve never seen or heard of before. That. Is. Christmas.

Now by the array of previous posts about feeling and meaning I’m pretty sure the only thing I have to say here is enjoy the day, whether you celebrate or not, because for many it only goes down from here think of it as the peak point. The point where for most you’re at the highest place you’ve been all year but take this moment to reflect and say ‘Yes, yes I know what I’m going to do next year to feel like this every day!’. And so come forth New Years Resolutions and promises that we’ll try to make to ourselves about how we can change. How about instead of changing, you embrace the achievements so far and become a better version of yourself? For at least a few days anyway we can forget about the gym, staying fit, being productive and growing and just live it out. Think of it as therapy for the heart, just don’t overload on the food and the New Year should see you through!

Merry Christmas to literally everyone I know, have met or even acknowledged. Now I have to go and be Santa’s little positivity spreading elf by beginning to empty the presents from every little drawer, shelf and chasm that is hidden from sight in my house.

See you on the other side, friends! Goodbye belt! *seductively unfastens belt* *gets finger caught trying* 🙂


Liam OUT!




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