One Ultimate Excuse


Yup apparently the clocks chimed the night of the 31st and now I’m here, planning out how to make the next 365 days more productive and meaningful than the the previous lot. Well for one what I do know is that no one is in their right frame of mind New Year’s Day, three quarters of the population is still suffering from an alcoholic induced coma and then the rest are too sleep deprived to even remember what time they’re supposed to be putting on the Sunday roast. Maybe next year I should have a quiet one, stay in, relax and go to bed waking up with a fresh head and a heap of presents… not that, that doesn’t sound like a repeat of Christmas Day! *considers the idea*

First of all, to kick off the ‘New Year, New Me’ campaign which seems to be running around this time every year. Let’s mention the glaringly obvious resolutions along with the age old yet considerably ‘new’ problems. Eating healthily, dropping pounds, becoming fit and then focussing on bettering you’re well being; all of these of course are in a bid to become eternally happy. Now usually I’m all for positivity and bettering my well being but right now I’m deciding to be a little negative and say well what I won’t do this year is abide by every last positive – instead I’ll say ‘no‘, plainly because this is something I struggle with as an individual. 

It seems I am forever tasked with making decisions and having to come up with an excuse as to why I don’t want to attend my great aunts afternoon tea or how I cannot make the cinema this weekend. The resolute here instead will now be: no. The overall idea behind this is that I should hopefully feel less guilty for turning down meaningless events in order to make others content with themselves. Clearly here I’m not pioneering that you should turn down your sisters birthday meal, unless of course you genuinely cannot make it – he says with an evil intention in his mind, perhaps if she’s paying?

Have a think, how many times have you attended an event you didn’t want to or had no intention of doing so until forced to by a significant other? The answer, now you’re thinking about it is probably multiplying by the thousands, thoughts and ideas to take from this concept should have an overall positive intention but a negative response, confusing isn’t it? Similar to saying yes I will but just not today, (social procrastination at its finest) I’m sure this resolution will slowly phase out with the guilt eventually avalanched on top of me and everyone thinking I’m some kind of social recluse. 

It’s not selfish just honest and thoughful. Give it a try, just don’t blame me if this becomes a hobby. My final spur of the moment thought: imagine it as playing hard to get just to wipe away some of the guilt ridden thoughts.

Happy New Year and best wishes! Erm… no.
Liam OUT!


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