Twenty First Century Ignorance

Just because love is the most relatable emotion doesn’t make it so all powerful and almighty. What about loss? Or how you felt when you were constantly ignored by your parents? 

Ignorance is perhaps not meant or felt but being ignored or misunderstood is painful and when it happens is so much groundbreakingly worse. I guess just to go that one step further and say that anxiety, depression and mental illness can sometimes root from blatant ignorance is in my opinion wholly and completely true. Feeling worthless and as though no one cares, screaming for help when even tumbleweeds aren’t blowing your way is horrible. Period. It’s not always necessarily any one persons fault, blame society, blame the situation but NEVER yourself. 

How many times have you ever been ignored though? Now if I was to think about it, countless times. Not every ignorance is meaningful, though sometimes its just coincidence and not realising that one person isn’t getting enough attention happens naturally. The situation we now live in is also to blame, it’s so easy to not reply to that text message or forget you were supposed to wish someone luck in their upcoming job interview. That’s the cause, what about the solution, how should we take on this 21st century ignorance? 

OK. Truthfully there is no plan from this point, I guess I’ve ignored the fact that I should have thought about this a little more. However, last minute spur of the moment thinking is sometimes the best… no I won’t ignore this crisis, here is what I propose to you. Anyone can do it right now (no excuses) providing you have an up-to-date phone or access to the internet… hopefully you do otherwise how else will you access every single ‘What Are You Looking At?’ post? 😉

Step 1: Reach for your phone (imagining that this one won’t be too difficult), open messages, Facebook messenger or any kind of chat enabling application.

Step 2: Now viewing the last three conversations or people you spoke to, in all honesty this could be any three consecutive items in the list. 

Step 3: Here comes the difficult and 21st century ignorance part! Think about individually those three people, asking yourself obvious sounding questions: 

  • What are they doing this weekend? 
  • What was my reason for last speaking to them?
  • How is this person likely to be feeling?  
  • Do they usually go out a lot or are they a little introverted?

Step 4: Finally, if you thought that those questions were a) difficult to answer or b) made you feel as though you’ve been a terrible person and probably should contact them more, then do something about it! Speak with them, even if the conversation ends after you asked how are you? At least you tried visioning and attempting to make sense of someone’s thoughts and feelings.

As previously stated this was complete on the spot thinking and probably has a lot of flaws, which are now countlessly running through my mind as I overthink the situation. Buuuut… it’s a start and I challenge anyone to streamline this and solve the 21st century ignorance we are tasked with; which is basically the saga of mobile phones, social media and meeting your next love on tinder. 

Now as we are now in the midst of ‘new year, new me’ plans I’m going to try something a little different yet helpful, maybe I should call it ‘Agony Uncle’ or something like that? What about ‘Lovin’ from Liam’? Definitely not *tries to conjure new name on the spot* Either way click here to contact me and I will attempt to begin helping you or any friends you may have on the path to positivity. One catch: keep it kosher, please?


Liam 😊 


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