The Loner

Sat staring into space, earphones in with controversial alternative sounds playing. You may call them an outcast or refer to them as an introvert but the truth is that this is their 12am rave, deep house party and deadly dosage of drugs all in one. There are so many alike, never met before due to their awkward reclusive stances. Taking a back seat in life yet still ever more driven and intelligent, the ‘just here to make up the numbers’ image of them was a lie in the end it seems, becoming a globally profound name. Number one in their profession, a reliable force to be beckoned with, shaping this world, still never given the credit they deserve.

Mark Zuckerburg, Abraham Lincoln to name a few. Wildly introvert but responsive to change and ideas flowing faster than could be liked, shared or commented only wishing he had hash-tagged that.

A blank page to be written. Your story, make it short, write a novel with never-ending chapters; take a moment, waste it or create the next big mainstream adopted social norm.

Be organic and grow, be an introvert and speak freely.

Be lone and face the world.
Admittedly this was a little different from my usual content, looking at motivation and positivity from a different angle was productive. Short and straight to the point is this weeks mantra.

I hope you liked it and as always I am open to suggestions, talking with others and being positive!


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