Differing Fortunes

Never have I listened to fortunes or telling of the future, only when fueling self-esteem and I’m allowed to believe that any chance of it happening is greater than seventy percent. Positivity and drive have always been experiences that are either felt greatly or not at all, in other words if my heart isn’t in it then I won’t waste my time trying. Admittedly not the best or most popular mantra to have however, on the other end of the scale if my mind is set on something then there is no option other than to achieve.

The coming of Chinese New Year which I’ve never knowingly celebrated brought with it fortune and open ideas, I say this because the fortune received was one of happiness and hope, one that actually made me believe in myself. Yet the thought of this is insane, words being able to change a mood or emotion, words giving us hope or filling us with fear, just words.

“In dreams and in life nothing is impossible”

One line on a small piece of paper forcefully wedged inside a cookie sized bite, with it thoughts were spurred and passion filled my mind. I was told to never listen to what others thought or pay any attention to how others viewed me but from this small anonymous piece of paper I am more judged and categorised than ever. Moments like this can either help us rise or see us fall, if it’s bad we choose to ignore, if it’s the other way then it’s to be listened to.

Overthinking the few words I was fed would be silly and down right wrong, on the other hand they wont be ignored. Maybe one last little pick apart of every character before the words become too ingrained and lead me to believe that they are everything my life has to offer the world. In dreams and in life comparatively leading my hopeful mind to allow for a sense of false reality to be created, one that gives truth and grit to be felt from the silliest of throw away thoughts. Nothing is impossible, although I believe this I am still questioning it with all my might.

And so let the year of the rooster, with all its wellbeing and impossibilities begin!

Now because of this I believe that opening up to new ideas and cultures is exciting, I’m not implying that now because of this I’ll be the most supportive of Chinese values. Instead allowing others in and not being so frigid to shut them out, after all difference is what helps us differ.




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